Vietnam Infrastructure Limited last updated its investing policy in November 2009 in accordance with AIM Rule 8.


Vietnam Infrastructure Limited (“VNI” or “the Company”) was a closed-end investment company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with the primary objective of achieving long term capital growth of its assets and increasing the value of the invested capital through investments in a diversified portfolio without any restriction regarding the industry sector or the geographic location.


VNI is managed by VinaCapital Investment Management Ltd (“VCIM” or the “Investment Manager”), a Cayman Islands company. VCIM was established in 2008 and currently manages three listed and several unlisted investment companies. More information about the VCIM management team is available here.


The Company has sold its assets and made a distribution to shareholders. No further investments will be made.



Life of the Company

The Company is currently under a voluntary liquidation, a process that is expected to be concluded by the end of 2017.